Useful Instructions for playing DSI

  1. Make up a unique USERNAME for yourself... something unique you can remember. You need it to come back and continue saved cases. Leave "Class code" set to "demo3".
  2. There is one demo DSI case to play: "Clara gets lost". Quick Instructions:
    • Search for clues and take notes in the Story, Scenes, Witnesses and Labs.
    • Take notes about drugs from Library books.
    • Use HYPOTHESIS page to choose a hypothesis ("Which Drug Did Clara Take?"). Then link your Case clues to Library notes. Support your hypothesis AND reject the other three possible answers.
    • Use PROGRESS page to track your progress, your points, and to end the game when all your Hypotheses are supported or rejected.
    • Don't forget to test your knowledge with Library quizzes! Gain bonus points for extra quizzes, and learn about drugs at the same time.
  3. Problems? Try resizing your browser window, or restarting your browser first. Email "" and tell us details of your problem if you need even more help.